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    "We went to our first meeting expecting a networking group of sorts, but were pleasantly surprised to find that instead, ConnectingDoorz is a means for new business owners to voice their concerns to people in similar situations and gain feedback and support."

    Dan & Rodeo – Rodeax

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    "Cathy has put me in touch with potential clients and introduced me to her substantial network of contacts. Friendly and approachable but outstandingly professional with it, she has been a valuable person to know."

    Sam Barnes – Sales Director at Radius

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    "Cathy’s experience in networking and openness to share her contacts and expertise is invaluable and should not be missed by anyone looking to grow their business."

    Alex Minchin – Zest Digital

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    "At ConnectingDoorz there is no judgement, no pressure and everyone in the group is incredibly helpful and welcoming."

    Dan & Rodeo – Rodeax

A refreshing twist on Business Networking in Oxfordshire

We know that in the early stages of running your own business or when you work alone it can be lonely, confusing and tough at times! How do we know that – because we’ve been there!

Equally in the good times it’s motivating and empowering to share your successes with others who are rooting for you.

One of the biggest challenges for any new business is where to go for support, advice, inspiration and a regular business boost. ConnectingDoorz offers all of this plus many other business networking opportunities by opening up our little black book to you. It’s full of successful entrepreneurs, savvy business owners, development specialists and many others who have an altruistic approach to helping small businesses achieve more.

ConnectingDoorz is not a traditional business networking group. We take it as a given that when like-minded business professionals meet in the right environment networking will happen naturally. Our focus is on helping you build a trusted network of experts, mentors, business coaches, peers and friends offering knowledge, development, experiences, encouragement, support and not forgetting some fun along the way.

Hot off the press

Expose yourself in the right places!!

Exposing yourself in the right places is essential to business growth!
Statistics say that a prospective client needs to be ‘touched’ 7 times before they will buy from you.
Historically this was achieved using flyers, newspaper adverts, PR articles, local rags, radio, TV, direct mail, email newsletters, hoardings, bus stops, yellow pages, Thompson local, cold calls and the list goes on… 
Unfortunately you can empty a huge pot of money and still be waiting for these magical 7 ‘touches’ to pay off.
The problem with the above is you are an unknown quantity promoting yourself to an anonymous audience. They probably do not even need what you have to offer right now.
Then along came on line directories where you can at least benefit from the recommendations of other.  
Now social media is here to add to the ways in which to reach your audience. This avenue creates a following  or ‘Tribe’ as Seth Godin describes. This allows your prospects to get to know you a little better and to spread the word amongst their followers too. This works much better as it fast tracks these ‘touches’.  It is particularly powerful for internet based businesses who are looking at a global audience.
However if you are looking for more localized business then I am absolutely adamant that the most effective way to speed this up is through face to face business networking.
Networking takes time and energy so it is important to do your research and find an organization that has the right caliber of membership.  Professionals that operate in a similar arena to you who will have the type of contacts you would like to do business with and most importantly are committed and willing to help and promote each other.
My recommendation for exposing yourself in the right places is to take this list in reverse order and start by engaging in the right kind of business networking, definitely add to that all aspects of social media – after all you are probably reading this on my blog right now. Then mix in a couple of the first, more traditional, ways. Measuring the results is key, but do remember that the results from networking and social media will consistently grow where as many of the initial ways to ‘touch’ a prospect are a one hit wonder.
Enjoy your networking but do keep your clothes on!