Laura Matthews

Passionate about fancy food, movies, singing and correct use of apostrophes. Walks all the damn time to try and wear out two cocker spaniel puppies who are home-wrecking specialists. Loves anything that involves shaking it – Zumba, Salsa, belly dancing and cocktails.

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Engage Your People provides tailored People Management Consultancy, helping businesses to get the most out of their people. For business owners, your wage bill is likely to be one of your most expensive outgoings every month – shouldn’t you be getting the best return on your investment? A bespoke service from Engage Your People to review and assess performance and then assist in implementing changes to culture and structure can unlock the potential in your people.

Management Consultancy helps companies to improve their performance and profitability through analysis of reports and business processes – whereas People Management Consultancy is different in that the focus is on your workforce because we believe that people drive business success. Engage Your People work with business owners and leaders to motivate and inspire their workforce, manage them more effectively, and engage their people with their business vision and values. An engaged workforce is more productive, more satisfied at work and is a better ambassador for your brand, which results in increased margins and more satisfied customers to deliver revenue growth.
Services from Engage Your People include:
o People Engagement
o People Management
o Performance Management
o Project & Programme Management


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