Business Networking with a Twist

We couldn’t tell you about ConnectingDoorz without first mentioning Opendoorz without whom we wouldn’t exist. Launched in January 2011 and based in Oxfordshire, Opendoorz is a revered professional network for established business owners, partners and senior managers in Oxfordshire.

Since launching Opendoorz the directors have remained clear about their business model and who it would benefit and are therefore selective about membership. This means membership is not offered to new start-up businesses, solopreneurs or anyone with a great business idea not yet up and running.

About Us

Fast forward five years and ConnectingDoorz has arrived. Steeped in the same values and passion to support business owners we are delighted to be able to offer membership to anyone who works alone, has a new business or is just about to launch a business.

Created by Cathy Dunbabin, a founding director of Opendoorz, ConnectingDoorz is a blend of business networking, personal and business development, sharing and brain storming with some accountability thrown in to keep you moving forwards.

Any personality profile Cathy has ever done describes her as a full on people person who is confident, has bags of energy and her own individual approach to life. It also says she is not concerned with the detail and analysis and that she needs to be constantly challenged. So no surprise she loves hanging out with entrepreneurs and hearing all about their latest ideas and visions. She’s an eternal optimist and gets a buzz from most things that make your heart beat faster and your adrenalin things of course! She loves heels, jewellery and anything that sparkles, she’s also partial to fizz and a girl’s night out. When asked what makes her the happiest, her family and friends came a close second to her two beautiful daughters and gorgeous grandson. What gets her up for work in the mornings is knowing that she will spend time with amazing aspirational people, learning from them, working with them and celebrating their successes.

Read Our Testimonials

"I'm looking both to grow my Freelancing business and to connect with my local community. My last job was based in Central London and I don't have many contacts in Oxfordshire. My dream is to build a portfolio of local clients and I believe ConnectingDoorz can help me with this!"
Roger Christiansen
"Having worked with Cathy previously I have benefitted personally from her passion and advise – Connectingdoorz is no different with its unique approach to help businesses such as ours, and was a very easy decision to join the group"
Ernie Moss – Red-Fusion
"Joining ConnectingDoorz was always step 2 on our business plan once we had built some foundations, the support, help and guidance is second to none!"
Phil Saville – Red-Fusion
"We went to our first meeting expecting a networking group of sorts, but were pleasantly surprised to find that instead, ConnectingDoorz is a means for new business owners to voice their concerns to people in similar situations and gain feedback and support."
Dan & Rodeo – Rodeax
"Joining a business club that genuinely helps you grow your business is an opportunity not to be missed."
Tracey Lee – Adapt Communications (Guest Speaker)
At ConnectingDoorz there is no judgement, no pressure and everyone in the group is incredibly helpful and welcoming.
Dan & Rodeo – Rodeax
"Cathy’s experience in networking and openness to share her contacts and expertise is invaluable and should not be missed by anyone looking to grow their business."
Alex Minchin - Zest Digital
"Cathy has put me in touch with potential clients and introduced me to her substantial network of contacts. Friendly and approachable but outstandingly professional with it, she has been a valuable person to know."
Sam Barnes – Sales Director at Radius
"Networking groups rarely “light my fire” but ConnectingDoorz” was amazing. Great people, great speakers and worth every minute of my time"
Dylis Guyan (Guest Speaker)
"Listening to members share their tangible success as a direct result from attending ConnectingDoorz left me speechless."
Tracey Lee – Adapt Communications (Guest Speaker)