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I live in Abingdon with my husband and two teenage daughters. An early morning start, with a dog walk, sets me up nicely for the day. I enjoy eating out, conversation with friends, shopping, reading, yoga and trying anything new! I'm fascinated by people, behaviour and how we think.

Louise Puddifoot

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I’ve recently left the corporate world where I enjoyed many years working in learning & development and leadership development. I love building things out of nothing so I’m really excited to finally be living the dream of starting my own business!

My business (not yet named!) provides mental well-being programmes for corporate organisations.

Our mental well-being underpins our unhappiness, behaviour and achievement. There are loads of great ways to improve our mental well-being but sadly they are little known by most people. It’s not something we were ever taught at school, yet it’s relatively easy to adopt a few simple techniques that will make you feel happier and be more successful.

For organisations, improving the mental well-being of their people brings many benefits. Happy people are more creative, better at problem solving, better in leadership positions and take less time off sick. As such, improvements in mental well-being result in higher engagement, productivity and business results.

All the techniques taught in our programmes are based on research and have been proven to work. In our programmes you learn by doing. We don’t just stand and lecture at you. Instead you practice the techniques shared so that you are well equipped to use them in real life.

Some of the programmes we offer are...

Mental Strength: Learn techniques to build your mental well-being. Achieve a more positive mind-set, be happier and maximise your potential.

Values & Purpose: Discover your personal values and purpose. Connect these with your work and become more engaged and resilient.

Mental Health: Understand mental health problems and approaches to support these in the workplace. Improve your knowledge, confidence and attitudes towards people with mental health challenges.

Coaching: Personalised 1-1 coaching to build mental strength. Improve your leadership and business impact.


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