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NakedNetworkerz Workshops

Being comfortable networking and knowing how to get the most from it is essential for any business owner or team member. We draw on many years experience as highly successful business networkers to help you develop your skills and techniques. In short this means that business networking is not only successful for you but becomes a key proactive marketing activity that you enjoy.


What you need to know about business networking

  • Networking opens up many opportunities including new introductions, business growth, personal and business development, trusted suppliers and collaborators.
  • It’s a proven way for professionals to develop, grow and retain connections.
  • Business rarely knocks on your door. Being able to build a solid referral network is essential in today’s market.
  • In the early days it can be a nerve wracking experience for many meaning they fear it, avoid it and certainly never get the best from it.
  • Anyone can network - Introverts make equally good, and arguably better at times, networkers than extroverts.
  • Just because you can walk into a room confidently doesn’t mean you can network purposefully.
  • Networking is a skill that can be learned, refreshed and improved.

If you’d like to feel more confident walking into a room, know how to start meaningful conversations, increase your skills at developing valuable relationships and ultimately gain new business opportunities by networking successful then our Naked Networking workshops are a great place to start.

What is Naked Networking?

A packed one day workshop, broken into four modules, that will ensure you have all the skills, tools and techniques to improve the results you are currently getting from your business networking. The more comfortable and confident you feel the more effective you will be.

Module One – Stripping Away Myths

  • Networking dynamics and benefits; expectations vs reality
  • Planning for a networking event and walking into a room full of strangers
  • Listening Skills & Rapport Building

Module Two – Exposing Yourself

  • Creating a clear concise message that is memorable, engaging and gets a response
  • Differentiate yourself (your USP)
  • Perfecting the 1 minute presentation

Module Three – Uncovering Opportunities

  • Developing relationships further on a 1-2-1 basis
  • Exploring synergies and opportunities
  • The importance of creating opportunities and helping others

Module Four – In all Your Glory

  • Building Networking into your Business Strategy, making perfect introductions and working together repeatedly
  • Non-verbal communication and perceptions and networking faux pas
  • Online Networking (LinkedIn) and how it fits with face to face networking

What to expect…

In order to create a realistic networking environment our workshops are held at a conference venue in Oxford . Places are limited to 2 people per company so that you’ll get to meet and network with people you don’t yet know who understand exactly how you feel.


The cost of the programme is £350 per person with a reduction of 20% for a second person from the same company. This includes all course material and refreshments throughout the morning.

We offer 100% delighted guarantee. If you complete the full programme and don’t feel you have improved your ability to develop relationships and network more successfully then you’ll get your money back… fuss!