The Difference

Behind every successful business is a professional support network of those you like, trust and respect. ConnectingDoorz is all about introducing you to experienced professionals who genuinely want to help you grow your business. If you’re not sure whether you need a business coach, a mentor, sales or marketing training or business networking then give the unique ConnectingDoorz blend a go – our highly regarded network includes them all!



Many business owners and self-employed professionals feel that they work in isolation. You miss the camaraderie and feedback from being in a team. But being part of ConnectingDoorz goes a long way to replacing those connections. We’re a support network, where you can develop skills, share experiences, give and receive feedback and further your business opportunities. Each month you will not only be further developing relationships with fellow members but also meeting new guests and our speakers to increase your contacts.

Shared Stories

Each month you will meet and hear from successful entrepreneurs and savvy business owners who were once in your shoes. You’ll get the inside stories including the peaks and pitfalls. They will be honest about the high and lows of running your own business and will share what they have learnt along the way; what they’d do again and what they wouldn’t. You’ll get to ask candid questions so that you’re better prepared, can avoid common mistakes and even feel reassured that we all get it wrong from time to time. They will offer tips and shortcuts that will save you time and money in your business. We guarantee that they are not coming along to promote their latest book or sell you a course. They really do want to help and are generous, positive, inspiring people; perfect to spend time with. We know you’ll be buzzing with new ideas and things you want to change once you’ve met them.

Personal Development

There are many ways to learn, from books, webinars and workshops. It’s not how you learn but the fact that you are consistently learning something new and that you keep your professional skills fresh and up to date. ConnectingDoorz is really committed to the ethos of Continuous Professional Development and engaging CPD runs throughout all of our meetings. The topics are varied, requested by members and are led by those with not only expert knowledge but who have an interactive approach and relaxed fun style. Whether it’s sales and marketing skills, accounting and pricing, enhancing your networking skills or finding out about the latest innovation you’ll find it an invaluable key to your business success.


You will get to set goals/intentions/commitments (you choose the most comfortable terminology for yourself) each month in a team of three. During the month each team will encourage one another to achieve what they set out to. As Lewis Carroll said, “Any road will get you there, if you don’t know where you are going!” Knowing where you’re going, what you need to do to get there and the first steps you need to take are vital. This focus sets you apart from the vast majority of new business owners who cross their fingers and hope for the best. Plus achievement and a pat on the back from the team feels pretty fantastic and will give your confidence a well-deserved boost.

Working Together

There are times when running a business feels overwhelming and lonely. When friends and family are just not the right people to chat through your concerns, challenges, decisions and exciting new ideas with. There may be times when you need to run through a presentation in front of an audience to perfect it for when it counts. Each month there’ll be the opportunity to use the group as a sounding board, a font of previous experience and knowledge or your audience for role play. This sessions happens in our member only meeting offering a trusted safe environment for these discussions.


The best way to experience ConnectingDoorz is to come along as our guest and see what you think and rest assured there will be no hard sell at the end of it. If you like what you’ve experienced and believe that the support, motivation and positive boost we offer is for you then we can have a chat about membership. Our membership comprises of a 90 days rolling contract. Our philosophy is simple; if we continue to deliver value and what our members want they will remain members and hopefully tell all their friends!